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About us

Yael Stern O’Dwyer -  Lic. Ac. Dip T.C.M. Hbs

Licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Years of research into Chinese philosophy, The Tao, had led me to Chinese medicine.
The meaning of the Tao; everything is in a constant state of change, nature, and all it’s inhabitants including the human body.
The idea is that the human body's cells regenerate ceaselessly .
Therefore, the body has the ability to heal itself naturally.

Consider this, The human body is about 60% water in adult males and 70% in adult females; there is not, and cannot be, a figure that is exactly the same for all people, for this or any other physiological measure. How can an illness be, chronically fatal, when the body is made of so much fluids? How can anything “stay” forever?

Each state, potentially, has the ability to change,
That's what attracted me to Chinese Medicine. The Optimism.
Nothing is hopeless, no illness is final or fatal, There's always "miracles".

This is the basis of Chinese Medicine.
In my experience at the clinic, miracles happen on an every-day basis.
Women, at the age of 42, told by their western doctor that they are allegedly entering menopause, after taking the Herbal Formulas, their monthly cycle had returned and in some cases, they got pregnant.

I helped many young people with mental health problems; anxiety, depression, stress.They abandoned their psychiatric pills and returned to a healthy way of life.
I treated Colitis disease successfully, with acupuncture treatments.
Migraines simply disappear forever with acupuncture.

Lower back pain is completely solvable with acupuncture and herbs, the same goes for any other pain.
The pain is felt in the nervous system, and it seems to me that the whole Chinese Meridian’s concept, is what the Western medicine calls, the nervous system .When done properly, Acupuncture works a treat, it relives the patient almost immediately .

Recently, I started treating a cancer patient. At first I was reluctant. I wasn’t sure I could help him at all.
He was 80 years of age, a writer, he had numerous treatments  for leukemia,  and had gone several operations for different problems.  He took an enormous amount of pills.
At the time he was taking blood potions at the hospital every week.

He suffered from high fever, which the doctors described as  a fever from an ‘unknown source”. This was unsolvable and he was very poorly. I gave him some herbs to take his fever down, and low and behold, the fever was gone! Vanished. He came back to life; he started writing his books again and went for long walks, to his wife’s amazement. He then took special herbal formulas to  encourage manufacturing plants blood - red cells. It was most extraordinary, het level of  his Hemoglobin went up from 8 to 13.

The Doctor from the hospital he attended, was extremely interested in what had occurred and she started sending me her Leukemia. patients.
Over the 10 years I have been practicing Chinese Medicine,I realized, that it helps the patient help himself to listen to his own body and his inner most voice and take his power back.


I completed a 4 year study at the International Reidman College of Complementary Medicine and was licensed to practice herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Following my internship at a major rehabilitation centre, I completed a specialization study program in botany and medicinal plants with a bio-chemist who had taught me to make Tinctures of Chinese, Indian,and Western Herbs; These herbal formulas have a particularly high percentage of potency. I also studied and  completed a course in Chinese gynecology and fertility treatments; guiding the women through their ovulation .

I finished a course in London for Blood Stasis with Will Mclean and David Legge.
A course in treating wrinkles with Acupuncture in London.
A course of Skin diseases-eczema, psoriasis –At the International School of “Broshim” –Affiliated To Tel-Aviv University.
And a course of Combining Western medical drugs and herbal treatments.
At “The East West” School of Chinese Medicine
This is  a very unique course which prevents major hazards to the patient, due to prescribing herbal treatment while the patient is on Western medications.

I am sixty years of age; which means, I am a bit wiser now ; I practice meditation in the form of Viapasana everyday for the last 10 years; this makes me very attentive to the patient's needs and to his/her diagnosis.

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