Fertility Sym. A for Women.

Fertility Sym. A for Women.
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A formula for women with blood deficiency.(TCM) - (It doesn’t have to show in your blood tests)
The symptoms are:

Headaches at the top of the head or behind the eyes.
Dizzy spells, constipation, hair loss, nails breakage,
Weakness, low energy level, poor memory, low level of concentration,
Blurred vision, fogy feeling in the head.
Brown discharge at the beginning or the end of the monthly period,
Long monthly periods of 6-10 days.
Insomnia.(inability to fall asleep, or waking up few times during the night)
Tendency to get depressed and weepy before the monthly period.
Palpitation.(heart racing not by Physical effort)

Prominent feeling; sadness
Favorite taste; sweet or pungent
Favorite color; yellow-orange or red.

Not all the above symptoms have to be present.



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