Fertility Sym. B for Women.

Fertility Sym. B  for Women.
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A formula for women with stress disorders.
The symptoms are:

Anger  and frustration, blood Clots in the monthly period.
Pains under the ribcage, the eyelid may twitch.
Sleep disorder, PMS- bloating before period.
Tendency to cry or get very angry before the period.
Bad period pains, before or during the period.
Bad, bitter taste, migrains at the temples, anxiety.
The stool resembles goat’s droppings: small and dark little balls.
Excessive eating disorders, excessive Dreaming
Sometimes, eye’s disorder, red eyes, dry eyes etc.

Prominent feeling: Anger and frustration
Favorite taste; sour.
Favorite color; green.

Not all the above symptoms have to be present.



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